Home Decor

Our homes are a picture into what we like and dislike, whether it is contemporary or traditional. That is what each Fusion Glass piece is, whether it is colour, size, bowls, or Artwork!

Wave Mounted in Wood:

The Waves are so interesting because each one comes out a little bit different each time you make them. This Wave I used more Teal Green in it with a bit more White. The Wood encircling the Wave just adds to the beauty of the look.

Price: $125.00

Wolf Standing on Rock/Wood:

This Custom Order Fusion Glass Wolf is Standing on a piece of Pistachio Wood (my husband is the artist when it comes to the Wood Work). I know I have a lot of favourite pieces but this is right there at the top of my list. This will look good anywhere in your home, I also discovered that when you have a black background your Wolf will change it’s look and have a look of a Black Wolf. This piece has been sold but if you would like your own send me an E-mail at sheree@nimmoconstruction.ca to start the process. I would love to work with you!!!

Price: $150.00


This Seahorse is one one my favourite Fusion Glass Pieces I’ve done so far. I wanted to build the Seahorse so it had a lot of depth to it so I used five different layers and used Dichroic Glass for the top layer. I put it into a planter so I could take pictures of it for the Website and actually love how it looks – you can use it for a garden stake – put it on your wall – put it in a picture frame – or whatever you would like. As always the picture doesn’t do it justice so take my word it really is beautiful!!!

Price: $95.00

Art Piece for Window Display:

This Fustion Glass Artwork was made for a Customer who wanted to have a Palm Tree, Mountains, and a Sunset and a lot of colour. I actually took the Sunset from a picture I took in Arizona as the Sunsets here are amazing here. This Piece was a Custom Order!!! All you have to do is let me know your vision and I’ll take it from there.

Size: 21″ x 14″

Price: $195.00

Tray With Fusion Glass and Pistachio Wood:

The thing about Fusion Glass is you just have to have a vision and then go for it. I saw this Tray and knew I could make it beautiful and use it either as a Center Piece or on a stand so you can display how beautiful it is.

Price: $145.00

Wave Mounted in Mesquite Wood:

This Wave is in reds, greens, and yellow, and then a touch of white. Pick your colours – pick your way to display it – make it your own!!! This Wood is Mesquite and together they are beautiful.

Price: $125.00 – This piece is sold!!!

Fusion Glass Houses:

I have wanted to do a Fusion Glass Tea light/string of lights House since I started doing Fusion Glass and finally did it. The Fusion Glass House below is my first attempt and it has been sold already, so I’m onto making another one. I make them so you can either use a Tea Light candle in it or a String of small lights (which is what I have in the House below). They are very beautiful – just tell me the colour’s you would like and I can customize it just for you!!!

Price: $85.00

This House has Been Sold!!!

This House has been sold!!!

Contemporary Artwork on Mesquite Wood:

I love Contemporary Art, it’s fun to make because you can go out of the box with your imagination. I hope you like this Piece below, I had my husband make the base out of Mesquite Wood (he does beautiful work) and then just added the Fusion Glass Pieces to it.

Price: $125.00

Christmas Tree:

Price: $65.00

This Christmas Tree has been SOLD but order your’s now and maybe put your own stamp on it with the colours you like for the decorations!!!

Christmas is coming and it’s time to start thing about decorating your house or getting those Christmas Gifts!!! The Christmas Tree show here is on a Fusion Glass Stand (so it is all one piece). You can put a little Tea Light Candle behind it to bring out the beautiful Dichroic Glass sprinkled here and there on it for the the Christmas Decorations.

Round Art Piece with 3D effect:

I have been wanting to do this Fusion Piece all summer and finally was able to and I LOVE how it turned out. The moon shaped piece is lifted off the Original Circle to give it a 3D effect – I love the colours and the Stand. This Fusion Glass Piece alone is definitely a Statement Piece!!

Price: $180.00

Beach/Island Wall Artwork:

The Fusion Glass Piece below was a vision that my husband wanted me to do. I hope you love this piece as much as I do – it was a challenge to do the Palm Trees, Island and the water. This piece itself is not for sale but if you would like this Artwork I can make one just for you!!!

Price: $160.00


Price: $65.00

The Starfish are really pretty and I can do them in different colours.

Signature Fusion Glass Centre Piece:

These Centre Pieces are my Signature Fusion Glass Artwork!!! I love the look of these Pieces as they really are Beautiful. On the Pieces below I used Clear Fusion Glass with just an add of colour. Put one of my Signature Fusion Glass Artwork on your Table, coffee table, or anywhere in your house and you will love how it looks.

Signature Fusion Glass Centre Piece: $76.00


The Hummingbirds are one of my Best Sellers!! They really are Beautiful to look at, the interesting part of the Hummingbirds are that depending on which way you look at them they change colour. Each Hummingbird when made is different – the position – the colour. You will love having your own Hummingbird on your Walls because they are Gorgeous!!!

Hummingbirds: $55.00

Mountain Scene:

The Mountain Scene below I made either to sit like you see it on a frame or if you like you can hang it on a wall.

Price: $120.00


A very good friend of mine commissioned me to make this cross for a gift. She asked that the colours be White, Grey, and a Tiffany Blue.

If you would like to order a Cross just let me know your colours you would like.

Price: $55.00

Funky Clock:

Our friend had made a clock  similar to this clock below and our mutual friend asked her to make one for her. My friend asked me if I would do it for her as she didn’t have the time to do it herself as they were leaving to go home for the summer. I said I would love to but I told the lady who requested it that it would be similar but different as she needed to have her own personally in it, and below is the result.

This Clock is sold but you can have a similar one made for yourself.

Funky Clock: $120.00


The Wolf below was a custom order for a very good friend!!! She asked me to make the Wolf out of Fusion Glass with painted details so that she could put it into a Wood Stand that her husband was making for it. I really enjoyed making it as it was a bit of a challenge for me, I really don’t consider myself being an artist that does all the beautiful paintings you see out there. Once I got into adding the painted details on it, it just seemed to flow from there. I hope you love it as much as I do!! If you are interested in the Wolf I would love to make you one. It is hard to see on the picture below but there are actually 2 layers that are  built up.

Wolf: $80.00 without stand

Grizzly Bear: This Bear Has Been Sold!!!

If you would like the Grizzly Bear Piece just let me know and I will custom make yours!!

The Bear below I actually raised it up using Fiber Blanket to give it definition. I also used Clear so I could add details using Black. The Grizzly Bear is now inserted into a beautiful piece of mesquite wood that my husband has custom make just for this piece. You can have The Grizzly Bear on just glass or with the Wood Stand.

Bear: $80.00 with out stand

Bear with Wood Stand: $150.00



This Wave is standing on  a Beautiful Piece of Wood that my husband makes for me. It is small in size so it sits beautifully on a shelf or Window Sill. The Colours are amazing in This Fusion Glass Wave with Turquoise, Blues and Greens!!

Price: $110.00

The Wave below I made for a Lovely Lady who wanted to put it into a Octagon Window to stop the Birds from hitting it, but to still be able to look at the Stars. You can hang your piece or you can put it into a Stand.

The Wave has been Sold!!  If you love this Wave I can make you one very similar to this – all you have to do it ask!!

Wave: $60.00 – small size (about the size of an bread Plate)

$70.00 – Medium Size (about the size of a dinner plate)

Cabinet Glass Door Inserts:

All I need is the size of your Glass and your idea’s of what you would like to see.

Cabinet Glass Insert Below: $150.00 – each panel –  The Cabinet Insert below is 7 3/4″ x 32″

(Price is depending on the size of your glass)

Family Hand Prints:

Large Hand Prints with Frame: $85.00

Small Hand Prints with Frame: $37.50

What better way to make your memories keep forever – Looking at your Hand Print’s of your own family are so special – especially when you have little ones – you will always be able to remember how small they are/were forever. With the Family Hand Prints you can have them in different colours and different backgrounds – the pictures really don’t show you that each Hand Print is raised up. I hope you love these as much as I do!!

We recently renovated our house and I had a display shelf to fill and this is what I came up with. This piece was put together using all my favourite colours.

This piece is $135.95 – This Piece has been Sold!!!

Size: From bottom corner to top corner the size is 12 1/4″ – Side to side 14 1/4″

Order your own custom piece, add 20%

Clocks: There are so many different designs for Clocks – this can definitely be your own personal design. The Clock shown below is Long and Red with Lattice strips going down from it. You can have your face like how this Clock is or you can have a full face..

Clock Price:  $95.85

Size: Width 7 1/2″ – Length 19 1/4″

Custom orders please add 20%

The Three pieces below I knew what I wanted to do in my mind  – I knew I wanted to have the glass attached to stainless steel – sitting about 1/4 inch on top of it, and I knew I wanted the colour red in it. I remember standing there and putting pieces of glass on it, this way and that until I came up with this design.

The Three pieces $150.45

These Pieces have been SOLD!!

Custom orders please add 20%

Wall Vase: I had fun putting this piece together, I have a air Plant that I take with me whenever I go down to Arizona and needed something to keep it in either at home or in our Motorhome. So I came up with this design, Sunflowers are one of my favourite flowers so I incorporated into the glass. This can be designed as a square, rectangle or half circle – again what do you like!!!!

This Wall Vase has been sold!!! If you would like one just like this I can make it for you.

Wall Vase: $55.95 – Size: Top to Bottom 8 1/4″ x Width Top is 6 1/2″ Bottom is 7 1/4″

Custom orders please add 20%

This centre piece was put together with a lot of glass and Thick Fiber Blanket. When putting it together you can have a rectangle like I did or a square, oval or circle. Each piece is unique and totally your own – as you can see  belowI had a local florist shop add to the design. This is one of my favourite pieces!!!

This is a custom piece only $145.95

Here is my latest creation, black and white Centre Piece. It is truly really beautiful, the black shines and the white just gives it that touch of something a little different. I added just a little Dichroic, because a little bling is always beautiful.

Black/White Table Centre Piece $145.95

This Piece has been SOLD!! If you like this piece and would like your own ask me about it!!

All Custom orders please add 20%

The Black with Dichroic in the centre makes a beautiful piece of Art on your wall or like I have mine in the cupboard with glass doors and a light shining on it. This is another of my favourite pieces as I love how the Dichroic stands out so much.

Black Wall Art with Dichroic $119.45

Custom orders please add 20%

Candle Holder

This Candle Holder is unique because it is clear, yet has yellow going through it, and also bubbles within the glass. If you love candles like I do you will love how this piece will look in your home!!

Candle Holder: $55.95 – Size: 8″ x 8″

Wall Art is so fun to make as you get to really use your imagination, I hope you love this piece

Wall Art in Shadow Box:  $47.00

Custom Orders please add 20%

The Fusion Glass Piece below has a wave to it and also has a Dichroic Gecko on the bottom.

This Piece has been sold!!

Clear/White Wall Art: $58.00

Size: 13 1/4″ x 6″