I love to Garden and enjoy watching all the changes flowers go through from Spring to Fall. While in Arizona a few years back we were able to go see a Dale Chihuly Glass Exhibit – so beautiful!!! It really inspired me to start making Garden Stakes for my own garden, and then I started making flowers, mushrooms, window hanging. You can have your Garden Stakes long or short, wide or thin – you can really use your imagination and be creative with all shapes and colours. It always gives me joy just to look at the pieces in my garden!!!

Sun Catcher:

My Fusion Glass Sun Catchers come in all different shapes and designs. I’ve made Flower Sun Catcher that I have below, but you can have a ocean wave – I love getting different idea’s so if you have something different in mind ask me. Hang them anywhere, outside in your flower bed, in a pot with your plants, even put them on a plant indoor. Love these for yourself or they are the perfect Gift!!!

Price: $50.00 – If you have a custom design it may be more depending how detailed you want it.

I call this Piece the Sisters Sun Catcher as a very good friend of mine asked me to make it for her Sister as a Special Gift for being Cancer Free. It was a bit of a challenge as I had the bend the Glass by Hand to make the Umbrella. This actually isn’t the final piece as I forgot to take that picture before I gave it to my friend lol.

Small Mushrooms:

Price: $40.00

Turkish Evil Eye Garden Stakes:

Price $90.00

My Customer asked me to make her a Turkish Evil Eye Garden Stake. I had never heard of this before and asked her to tell me what it is all about. They had lived in Turkey for quite a few years and the Turkish people believe that if you have a Evil Eye at your entrance to your house and in your car that it will ward of Evil. I made this one below and she loved it so much she had me make another one for her daughter.

Lady Garden Stakes:

Price: $90.00

Garden Flower’s and Butterflies on Swirled Copper Pipe:

The Pictures below show you how you can make a Fusion Glass Art Display in your own Yard. In the daylight they standout with all the beautiful colours of glass, and at night with a light shining on the Flowers/Butterflies it is spectacular. 

Prices: Flowers $150.00 Butterflies: $150.00




Price: Large Flower: $95.00, Medium Flower: $85.00, Small Flower: $75.00

The Fusion Glass Flowers are one of the Best Sellers I have – people see them and love them immediately. The Flowers below have already been sold but I wanted to put them on this page so you can see them. My question to you is what colour would you like your flower to have and then I go from there. The Flowers are on Copper Tubing and are great for in your Garden. Or as a friend of mine said, she wants to put them into a vase and can I make her some leaves to put into it with them – so another project.

Flower Wall:

This is a Wall outside on my Patio, I’ve started with what you see below and will continue to add onto as my pieces are finished.

I love how is Flower turned out – I’ve put this onto my Flower Wall in my Patio Area (as seen above). You Can either use it for a Wall or into the Garden with a copper stem.

This Flower is made out of Green Reservers Fusion Glass, we added copper tubing to hold it up so you can put it into the dirt in the garden or container.

Bird Bath’s:

I love the Bird Baths!! Each one is so unique and Beautiful  – You will love how the birds come in and drink from them. The Bird Baths below have been sold – let me know if you would like your own and I would love to make it for you.

Price: $105.00


Wind Chimes:

My Wind Chimes are always beautiful to have in your Garden!!! This one I just wanted to have fun making it and use as many colours as I could. You can Purchase the Wind Chime below or you can have your own Custom Wind Chime made.

Wind Chimes: $70.00

All of the Wind Chimes below are sold – I’m always doing new one’s or I can make one just for you!!!

Arizona Fire Table:

The Fire Table below was a table we purchased that had plain blue ceramic tiles around the fire pit. I decided I wanted to change the tiles to glass tiles with some colour and then a piece of art on the four corners. Because this table is in Arizona I decided to go with a lot of colour.

If you have a table that has tiles whether it be a Fire Table like the ones below or a just a table with tiles, you can change the looks completely by changing the tiles to Fusion Glass Tiles. 

Plain tiles: $30.00

Tiles with Cracks: $45.00

Tiles with Artwork: $60.00

The Fire Table Glass Inserts you see here are commissioned, I asked my customers what they would like to see on the Four Corner tiles – something that was totally personalized.

This customer asked for a Baseball, Bat, Paw print, and Pickle ball paddles and Balls. 

Another commissioned Fire Table:

Garden Stakes:

Large Garden Stakes – $75.00

Character Garden Stakes: $75.00

Medium Garden Stakes – $50.00

Circle Garden Stake: $75.00

Small Garden Stakes: $40.00

Miss Lily Garden Stake:

The Garden Stake below, I made for a friend who loves cats and has Miss Lily who is a special Cat. If you love Cats this is the Garden Stake for you, just let me know what colour you would like your Garden Stake Cat to be and I will custom make it just for you.

Miss Lily Garden Stake: $50.00

Wavy Garden Stake:

The Garden Stake below is long and wavy – I used mostly transparent colours and pops of colour .

Garden Stake: $75.00

Square Wrought Iron Garden Stake:

I love Garden Stakes because they really do add beauty to your Garden. 

Square Wrought Iron Garden Stake: $95.00


Miscellaneous Garden Stake’s:

When making my Garden Stakes I love using Transparent Colours as the Sun can shine through and they look beautiful especially with your flowers. Whenever I do container gardening I always like to have one flowering plant that is my star as I call them and then I work around that one star.