A deposit of 50% of the invoice will be required once you have placed your order

At this point I only accept E-Transfers, Money Order’s, Certified Cheque or Cash

E-Transfer Directions: (this is how my bank handles E-Transfer – I’m sure they are all similar)

  1. Open your bank account online that you would like to send the amount of the order to.
  2. Look for E-Transfer and go to it
  3. It will ask you if you would like to send money and you click you mouse on this
  4. It will ask you the e-mail address of who you send the money to and you put in my e-mail address – sheree@nimmoconstruction.ca
  5. Click on which bank account you want it to come from
  6. The amount
  7. It will ask you to enter a security question that is your own personal question
  8. Now it will ask you to enter the answer
  9. Thats it – your bank should ask you to confirm the transfer at this point
  10. You then need to let me know what your security answer is and you are done.


Once your order has been completed and Paid in Full it will be shipped to you with your invoice. For each order the shipping charges will be added on to your order (once we have the shipping amount we will let you know just to confirm).



5% GST will be added onto each order (Canadian Orders Only)


Information on This or That:

All pieces are Dishwasher safe – I have washed my pieces quite often with no problem. Some pieces you may choose to wash by hand (an example would be if you had little rubber bottoms on your piece). All pieces are NOT Microwaveable or Oven Safe.