Commission Your Artwork


Fire Table:

I was commissioned to make Four Southwest Pieces to go into the corners of a Fire Table. I was told to come up with something different for each piece, and here is what I came up with. This is the first part of the table, once they saw their Fusion Glass Pieces in they wanted the rest of it done so stay tuned to see the final results.

If you have a Fire Table that has Tiles in it that you can remove, here is the look you can have also.

Size: Each Tile is 11 3/4


I love Fusion Glass and how you can make it your own!!! You can purchase most of my pieces that are on the Web Site as is, or you can also commission my work to make it your own style – whether its with colour or a little bit of a different design – its unlimited – you just have to see your vision and then let me go with it.

Warrior on Horse:

The Warrior is painted onto Orange Fusion Glass and then put onto a Iridescent Blue. For the final look I added it onto a Wood Panel.

Loon on Wood:

Price: $140.00

Wall Art:

The Fusion Glass Wall Art below was made to be very colourful as that is the theme of the outdoor patio area. You can commission either both Pieces or just one (putting the white in the centre inside of on the side), I can also change the colours so they match your tastes. Each Fusion Glass Piece is set off from the wall using Beautiful standoffs.

Price: $300.00 Each

Size: 30″x12″

Wave On Wood:

Price: $125.00

Calla Lilies:

I have been thinking about doing Calla Lilies as this is one of my favourite flowers, so when I got approached to do a Art Piece for a bathroom wall this is what I suggested. I decided to do them in different colours with a black frame and white back ground.

Price: $120.00

Framed Princesses:

I made this Beauty and the Beast Fusion Glass Princess for my daughter who has always loved the show. If you also love Princesses and would like to have one either for yourself/daughter/niece or a gift for that someone special let me know which one and if I can do it I would love to make your special Fusion Glass Princess.

Price: $75.00

Size: Fusion Glass is 8 x 10 – Framed is 14 x 16

Art Piece for Window Display:

This Fustion Glass Artwork was made for a Customer who wanted to have a Palm Tree, Mountains, and a Sunset and a lot of colour. I actually took the Sunset from a picture I took in Arizona as the Sunsets here are amazing here. This Piece was a Custom Order!!! All you have to do is let me know your vision and I’ll take it from there.

Size: 21″ x 14″

Price: $195.00

Lamp with Wood:

I made this Lamp out of Fusion Reserve Glass and my husband made the base out of wood. Both my husband and I love this piece and because we love it so much it is not for sale. You can have the Lamp with Wood Custom made to suit your colours.

Size: Fusion Glass 13″ x 9″

Price: $150.00

Mountain Scene:

The Piece below my husband asked me to do – I have to say it took me awhile to start this project as I really wasn’t sure where to start. I went to buy some Glass and saw the blue piece (see picture) and knew that this was going to be my Mountain, once I started working on the Mountain part everything else just fell into place. I have to say I’m very pleased with the end result. If you would like a Mountain Scene please let me know what you would like and I can a custom order it for you.

Size: 7 3/4″ x 32″

Price: $140.00

Mountain Scene Cabinet Insert:

I love doing Mountain Scene’s!!! These cabinet inserts were made for a Motorhome, the owner of this Motorhome had smoked glass in the cabinet and asked me to do a Fused Glass Mountain Scene to bring some colour into the room.

If you would like to have Fused Glass Cabinet Inserts added to a room please get in touch with me.

Size: 8 1/8″ x 17 7/8″

Price: $120.00 each

The Door Insert that you see below I made specifically for our Kitchen Door going down to our basement – I knew I wanted transparent colours that could be lit up but that you could not see through and this is what I came up with. I talked to our friend (who renovated our house) and we figured out the size and went from there. This door insert was one of my first big pieces I had ever done and thankfully I had help from the wonderful people at the RV Resort we reside at during the winter months.

A good friend of mine owns Independent Bath Products and Independent Custom Renovations in Edmonton and has let me display my Glass Cabinet Inserts. The Inserts are actually one of my favourite Fused Glass Pieces as you can really show/display your own Custom Piece. For my display I decided to do the Bird of Paradise and the Heliconia Tropical Flower. All I need is the size of your Glass and your idea’s of what you would like to see.

Cabinet Glass Insert Below: $150.00 – each panel – ┬áThe Cabinet Insert below is 7 3/4″ x 32″

(Price is depending on the size of your glass)